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My gown; long, full, and white, was hell to manage. I struggled to lift the thick undergarment layers as I bent to climb into the Camaro; sweating and flustered, I smoothed the puffy, tolle outer layer and tried to recompose myself. It was going to be a long night. My parents stood at the doorway and waved as David backed out of the driveway- they had pretended so well. My mother had fussed over how beautiful I looked the entire time in which my father snapped pictures of David and I. In his graceful way, David bared it all very well, though I could tell he thought both Denise and Bellino were ridiculous. I was embarrassed for both of them- they had no idea how easy it was for outsiders to see through their forced, loving charade. They hated each other and I couldn’t blame them.

David had arranged for us to meet Lauren and Stacy and their dates at Pacifica, a new sea food restaurant that recently opened in Meriton. We arrived early, and as David wandered to the hostess stand to check in for our reservation, I couldn’t help but stare after him. He had decided upon a form fitting ocean blue tuxedo, a white vest, and a blue, pink, and white striped tie. The colors complimented him perfectly, and the bright lightening of the waiting area further added to the glow of his skin and golden hair. Everyone who laid eyes upon him stared, and several tables of patrons paused their forks mid-bite to turn and look at him. The love that I felt for him swelled and my heart raced- I was always racing after him.


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Time is the only thing that has remained consistent in my life and even time has had the pleasure of misleading me. Day trips have become day falls and nightmares last for days. It has all become a web, and trapped and confused, I am adhered to it. Wandering through the labyrinth of life, most times I know not if the painted day around me is palpable, or if it’s just my mind’s creation.”

~Excerpt from Redundancy~ Wanderlust: Love & Hate

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Everything changes yet it all remains the same. In the past- in the present- a perpetual dizzying smog. Familiar faces… attributes of one found in all. Shining light over open waters and that crooked grin. A million words never changed a thing; as if the world had frozen in time, a time when everything was a little simpler and a promise was all that was left. Those precious moments of despair. Regretful bitterness. Loved and unforgiven.

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On a muggy summer’s evening in rural Osnaburg Township, Ohio, Autumn Marseille meets the mysteriously beautiful and angelic David Huntsman, and her life takes a terrifying and thrilling turn. Plagued with a ghastly omen of her impending death and battling the impediments of an abusive and volatile relationship and the dark secret that binds her to it, Autumn struggles to understand her reality which has transformed into a tantalizing nightmare. As the visceral obsession with David consumes her life, she finds herself entwined in a vicious cycle of love and hate.

Determined to uncover the hidden intentions of The Reign, a powerful and vindictive clan that stalks her even in her sleep, Autumn seeks out the nature of David’s involvement with them…before it’s too late. One fateful decision will change the course of her life forever and ignite an in-depth investigation, headed by the vigilant, young Detective Spenser Gabriel, who will stop at nothing to unveil the mystery and discover the truth.

Will the dreadful prophesy be fulfilled…or will David and Autumn be lost in Wanderlust forever? 

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These notable quotes from my wonderful publisher, Mike Wright, regarding Book One of the Wanderlust Series: Love & Hate. After years of hard work, the novel is completed!

“Wanderlust: Love & Hate explores the frailty of the human psyche.”

“Mayfair exploits the everyday choices that could irreversibly leave one trapped in a false reality- where the everyday is a systematic routine, created in our minds, to cope with the life we’ve chosen to live.”

“In the novel, David emerges as the 21st century Byronic Hero.”

“Regrettably, we are all wanders, trapped within ourselves, searching for meaning in the choices laid out before us. Juxtaposed, David would simply smile and take you by the hand and whisper- follow me.”

-Mike Wright, Publisher and CEO of Westland Park Press

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The Wanderlust series began with a concept that I have pondered over for years- things never change. The first book- Love & Hate was more than a book I wanted to write; I needed to write it!

The series explores the connection between the human condition, our deepest desires, convoluted and warring emotions, and the inner demons that shape and influence our lives. Wanderlust is the experience of living a tesseract life: forever trapped in the vicious cycle of distortion- a false reality. I wanted to expand on the idea that reflections of the past haunt our present state and the future likewise will continue in the same redundant and stagnant manner if we never conquer ourselves.

Wanderlust is a place of no escape- we travel through our lives, aimlessly, searching for purpose and meaning. Often times, I wondered how the devils and demons of our past effect the outcome of our present, when what we love is jaded, empty, and lost.

We wander for the unforgotten. We wander for our dreams. We wander because we can’t let go. I’ve learned to embrace Wanderlust; I’ve relived it with ink and paper. In time we must all embrace our inner demons because things never change.

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