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In the chapter Deconstructed we wandered through the minds of seven main characters in Wanderlust Love & Hate. In the chapters Stellar and Wanderlust, we were met with the colliding thoughts and words of the dark hero of the novel- David Huntsmen. Starting this week and running through the New Year we will revisit each character with a interactive character interview. Thats seven interviews and seven characters! Discover a more in-depth understanding of your favorite (or least favorite characters). Interviews will be posted on my blog every week and will be featured under the Wanderlust Tab on the webiste of my publishing house- Westland Park Press http://goo.gl/TGoRs. This is an interactive interview so I look forward to hearing back from you all! Have a question for one of the characters? Please leave a comment and they will get bak with your shortly! I recieved a special request to start with the heroine of the novel first…coming soon…all the questions that you have been pondering for Autumn Marseille.

It’s not too late to join in the fun- Grab your copy here http://goo.gl/DLMZr


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I haven’t decided as of yet which is worse, to live with a broken heart or to die because of it. It’s still a mystery to me how he appeared, as if out of thin air, the human embodiment of all things divine. How ironic it seems to me now, looking back, that such a lasting impression was stamped across my life.

Day after day my mind races through thoughts stored in secret compartments, and I go blind as the good slowly fades into the bad. To love and to hate, over time, turns bitterly into loving to hate. My heart is constantly wandering, traveling effortlessly, searching for a glimpse of his loathing familiarity.

Wandering: you find it everywhere, and wandering you find it nowhere. I live my life only in the hope of seeing him again. But, I only imagine the same glitter of the eye in the store clerk behind the cash register, and the same twisted smirk from the older gentleman who delivers my mail, and the same deliberate swagger in the young detective seeking to ruin me.

Ever since that terrible night, he left me- that devil- with a heavy black cloud following and continued wanderlust.


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“You don’t hear that?” I called back to him. I stopped at the edge of the dock, frozen in horror at the sight of Mara and Lamia naked and playing in the cold water below.

“Hear what?”

I turned to look back at Adrian who was drunkenly leaning on one of the posts just at the edge of the soggy embankment, and then redirected my attention tothe silver rippling water. Mara and Lamia were gone. Shivering I turned, and calling out to Adrian said, “never mind.”

“You’re hearing things now?” he asked, jeeringly amused.

More than you know and seeing things too. “Never mind just give me the necklace.”

“A right the necklace,” he said taking another swig. “Yea, you’re not getting that back.”

“What do you mean I’m not getting it back? That was the whole reason that I agreed to meet you.”

He laughed, “yea I know, but you’re still not going to get it.”

“I hate you Adrian…with every ounce of my being, I fucking hate you,” I snapped.

“I know that too,” he said squinting his eyes at me and toeing his cigarette butt into the ground. “And I bet you would hate me even more if I were to throw this piece of shit into the lake!” He pulled the sparkling chain from his pocket and swung the pendant in front of my face.

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My gown; long, full, and white, was hell to manage. I struggled to lift the thick undergarment layers as I bent to climb into the Camaro; sweating and flustered, I smoothed the puffy, tolle outer layer and tried to recompose myself. It was going to be a long night. My parents stood at the doorway and waved as David backed out of the driveway- they had pretended so well. My mother had fussed over how beautiful I looked the entire time in which my father snapped pictures of David and I. In his graceful way, David bared it all very well, though I could tell he thought both Denise and Bellino were ridiculous. I was embarrassed for both of them- they had no idea how easy it was for outsiders to see through their forced, loving charade. They hated each other and I couldn’t blame them.

David had arranged for us to meet Lauren and Stacy and their dates at Pacifica, a new sea food restaurant that recently opened in Meriton. We arrived early, and as David wandered to the hostess stand to check in for our reservation, I couldn’t help but stare after him. He had decided upon a form fitting ocean blue tuxedo, a white vest, and a blue, pink, and white striped tie. The colors complimented him perfectly, and the bright lightening of the waiting area further added to the glow of his skin and golden hair. Everyone who laid eyes upon him stared, and several tables of patrons paused their forks mid-bite to turn and look at him. The love that I felt for him swelled and my heart raced- I was always racing after him.

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On a muggy summer’s evening in rural Osnaburg Township, Ohio, Autumn Marseille meets the mysteriously beautiful and angelic David Huntsman, and her life takes a terrifying and thrilling turn. Plagued with a ghastly omen of her impending death and battling the impediments of an abusive and volatile relationship and the dark secret that binds her to it, Autumn struggles to understand her reality which has transformed into a tantalizing nightmare. As the visceral obsession with David consumes her life, she finds herself entwined in a vicious cycle of love and hate.

Determined to uncover the hidden intentions of The Reign, a powerful and vindictive clan that stalks her even in her sleep, Autumn seeks out the nature of David’s involvement with them…before it’s too late. One fateful decision will change the course of her life forever and ignite an in-depth investigation, headed by the vigilant, young Detective Spenser Gabriel, who will stop at nothing to unveil the mystery and discover the truth.

Will the dreadful prophesy be fulfilled…or will David and Autumn be lost in Wanderlust forever? 

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