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In the chapter Deconstructed we wandered through the minds of seven main characters in Wanderlust Love & Hate. In the chapters Stellar and Wanderlust, we were met with the colliding thoughts and words of the dark hero of the novel- David Huntsmen. Starting this week and running through the New Year we will revisit each character with a interactive character interview. Thats seven interviews and seven characters! Discover a more in-depth understanding of your favorite (or least favorite characters). Interviews will be posted on my blog every week and will be featured under the Wanderlust Tab on the webiste of my publishing house- Westland Park Press http://goo.gl/TGoRs. This is an interactive interview so I look forward to hearing back from you all! Have a question for one of the characters? Please leave a comment and they will get bak with your shortly! I recieved a special request to start with the heroine of the novel first…coming soon…all the questions that you have been pondering for Autumn Marseille.

It’s not too late to join in the fun- Grab your copy here http://goo.gl/DLMZr


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“It’s a thrilling adventure…destination evil”

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Deadly sins, rule our world, surface in the light- through the dark. Festering, they multiply- blood sucking- parasites. Contagious. Transparent. Our inner demons, latch hold to play- master puppeteers. The love and the hate, and we are still wandering blindly. Visceral. Living and Dead.

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Changes for the worse; but even those changes are convoluted and subtle, as if they have been there the entire time- confined- like a schizoid stuck in their weaker personality. Every aspect of my life I try to escape.  I wake up the same way: gasping and clawing, fighting against the plastic bag that is over my face, the same plastic bag that is pulled tighter and tighter. I am awake. Or am I, just then, falling asleep?

Things only change for the worse, for every night the horror is more intense, more unmistakably tangible. I am held down, and the voices in my head wage control over my mind. Each night I see horrible things, unforgettable havoc, and each night the anarchy grows. The hour that I am asleep seems like an eternity; and in my dreams I visit more places, and see more of the world than I ever knew existed. I never knew such darkness- a never ceasing pit of tantalizing torture and turmoil. Awake or asleep? Fact or fiction? Ignorance or truth?  Sleeping while Awake. Fictionalized Facts. Ignorance is Truth. Ambiguity. Redundancy. My paradoxical life.

From *REDUNDANCY*  Wanderlust Love & Hate

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So you’ve read the teaser…you checked out the prologue…and you devoured the first three chapters for FREE…….what are you waiting for? Enter the FALSE REALITY of Autumn Marseille and wander in WANDERLUST.



“A thrilling adventure- destination EVIL”

After two years of writing, the Wanderlust Series has taken flight with the first novel, Love & Hate debuting today! A special thanks to the best publishing company around: Westland Park Press, Mike Wright, President and the great group that you have working with you. Thanks to LiAnnette Morris for the awesome cover design and Michael Swanson for your help in making this a success- and of course thank you Mom for your support in all that I do!


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Chapter 1-3 of Wanderlust Love & Hate

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I haven’t decided as of yet which is worse, to live with a broken heart or to die because of it. It’s still a mystery to me how he appeared, as if out of thin air, the human embodiment of all things divine. How ironic it seems to me now, looking back, that such a lasting impression was stamped across my life.

Day after day my mind races through thoughts stored in secret compartments, and I go blind as the good slowly fades into the bad. To love and to hate, over time, turns bitterly into loving to hate. My heart is constantly wandering, traveling effortlessly, searching for a glimpse of his loathing familiarity.

Wandering: you find it everywhere, and wandering you find it nowhere. I live my life only in the hope of seeing him again. But, I only imagine the same glitter of the eye in the store clerk behind the cash register, and the same twisted smirk from the older gentleman who delivers my mail, and the same deliberate swagger in the young detective seeking to ruin me.

Ever since that terrible night, he left me- that devil- with a heavy black cloud following and continued wanderlust.


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